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VSA Girls visit the Imbeke Development Center

The girls of Victoria Sports Association Kenya visited the Imbeke Development Center.

They were received and taken around various programmes like life skills, hairdressing, tailoring, peanut making, farming and catering.

Imbeke Development Centre is a training site for all community members, with a special focus on young women, especially school dropouts. It is situated in deep rural western Krenya in Kamuma village in Oyugis, Homabay county. The idea was born out of a community needs assessment report carried out by volunteers in the community whose findings were that most young girls have nothing to do or just decide to get married. This brought about the idea of starting a skills-learning-centre where young women would come to learn various skills in income-generating activities to enable them to enhance their standards of living and be self-reliant.

This visit and experience was possible thanks to a donation by VSA Supporter Sara Macload. Asante sana!

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