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“Dream for the VSA-KENYA” is a project which began with a chance meeting online that grew into friendship across continents and a collaborative network of friends and supporters, working artists, experienced deliverers of developmental and social enterprises, ordinary people like ourselves and grassroots facilitators like Dennis Ongwen Otieno, Stephen Otieno, Geoffrey Ambasi and Gabriel Tabona.

Our ultimate goal is a sustainable solution to the financing of the Victoria Sports Association Kenya: this calls for some creative thinking, you are welcome to join us!

You can become a volunteer at a distance and on-site! Here is how:

  • Send emails to the children on VSA: this will broaden our children’s horizons and help her/him to learn about other cultures around the world!
  • Spread the word on social media: share our website and causes on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on. Follow us to keep updated!
  • We love to welcome visitors to the area, come and see what ​we do for yourself and meet the VSA Children!
  • For more information on how to be a volunteer and for any ideas/questions, please contact us.