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VSA Girls win the South Gem Golden Cup!

Dear Supporters and Followers,

We are happy to share that our VSA Girls are the new Champions of the South Gem Golden Cup 2023! The girls also received the award for best goalkeeper and top scorer.

We congratulate all our Children and volunteers for their dedication and commitment to sports and education.

We thank all of you who have helped us in 2022 and wish you a wonderful and joyous 2023.

Coach Dennis & the Children of VSA Kenya

Tournament in Nairobi

We at VSA Kenya would love to take our Under-13 team for a trip from the rural Gamba village to Nairobi for a 3-day tournament and tour in early December 2022.

We aim to raise $1,260 for this initiative. The kids’ trip will allow them to learn so much! Few children have been to a large city like Nairobi. It will be a great learning experience not only from a football and competitive point of view. They will meet children from all over Kenya! And there might be football scouts and agents that could notice the potential and talents of VSA Kenya, allowing our community-based association to grow.

Please share our message with friends, workmates and relatives to see how they can make a difference for our kids’ trip to Nairobi from 1st-4th December, 2022.
Thanks in advance!

Donate through:

ACC NUMBER: 1120180087451
Branch: LUANDA
Country: KENYA
Tel: +254 716 405 781

Education updates

Education is the Key to success!

We would like to thank Madame Laura from Italy for her generous donation that has allowed us to help more than 50 children with their 2022 school fees!

Among them are 19-year old Esther, who had to drop out of school in 2020 for family issues and is now enrolled in Form One; and Kevin who studies in the St. Oda school for the visually impaired. Thank you, asante sana!

Here is also some wisdom from our 12-year old Lavender in Grade 4: “Playing on the road is a risk”!

Helping the community

Supporting the community in Gem village! Yesterday we started the work to repair by installing new pipes and taps in the Onding Primary School water tank to enable our children to enjoy drinking clean water.

The tap was destroyed in 2020 by unknown people. The water will be helpful to the local community too besides the school and our players.

Let’s all join hands to make a difference in the community!

Coach Dennis completes the CAF D License coaching course

Between 25 October and 5 November 2021, Coach Dennis completed a ten-day CAF D License coaching course held by the Football Kenya Federation in Babadogo.

The Coaching Licensing System by the CAF (Confederation of African Football) serves as a platform to evaluate coaches and to inject more professionalism into the art of coaching, aimed at reaching homogeneous and high professional standards.

One of the key objectives is to ensure that each African coach or any coach operating in Africa possess the relevant license to perform his or her duties.

June update: study, play and work

Some snapshots from June 2021 from Gamba Village and Victoria Sports Association.

Coach Dennis and the children of VSA during the mentorship program.

June update: study, play and work
June update: study, play and work

Training and game days!

football training
football training
football training
football training

Our team and children installing goalposts!


VSA members collecting stones so that ballasts can be made locally, instead of buying them. This will reduce the construction budget for the sports and education center. We just need to hire the person to crush the stones.


Some photos of our village, Gamba.

gamba village
gamba village
gamba village

May Update: a thank you note

We are very happy for the donations received from the USA and Italy! Our children received new and used material, including shirts, socks, short, mini cones, balls, goalkeeper gloves. Thank you so much Adam and Italian friends & supporters for all the help.

Here are some photos of the VSA children receiving the donations.

Here below the VSA Team (and a very, very young supporter) are levelling some places in the ground where we train, removing stones that might injure our plaers. We will also be putting new goalposts.

April Update: Rain or no rain, we have fun and train

It has been raining quite often and heavily in Gamba Village over the month of April, but the sports and community programs by Victoria Sports Association do not stop. And the children of VSA Kenya continue to participate in big numbers, even if it rains or if they have no shoes to play football.

children playing football under rain kenya (1)

A few days ago, 32 kids attended a training session by Coach Dennis. It was not easy to coordinate the activities because at the moment we do not have many balls, but we did our best to keep of all the participants busy and happy.

kenya sport association football talent scouting

Some of our most enthusiastic and dedicated children are Captain Kelvin Okoth (13 years old) and Denzel Derrick (14 years old), who live 6 kilometres away from Gamba Village. Yet, they walk the distance back and forth to join all our trainings.


Last week, Coach Dennis invited the community of Gamba Village to an open-air gathering to discuss his next education workshops for the children, which have the aim of changing the lives of local children for the better. They will include talks on teenage pregnancy, drugs, and peer pressure.

community program kenya village

We would like to thank Beatrice Akoth for helping us to keep our teams’ uniforms clean every time after we play!

uniforms clean

Preparing Ugali and Skale for pre-training lunch

Here are some of our boys preparing and then enjoying Ugali and Skale for lunch, before they go to the pitch for training sessions.

Some of our children walk up to 12km per day (6km each way) to reach our football training sessions and return home. We always try to provide them with some food to keep them strong and to motivate them.

In addition to Ugali, which is a type of maize or cassava flour porridge, we try to provide them with rice/beans, skale (green vegetables ), meat and eggs – depending on what we can afford week by week.

 football nutrition training
kids soccer nutrition training